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The potential for conflict and dispute exists in every project.  However, in the last 20 years, the size and complexity of construction projects and the increasingly legalised approach taken by contractual parties has resulted in substantial growth in both the volume and occurrence of disputes.  This substantial increase can further be attributed to the fact that construction contracts can often be ambiguous, overly restrictive and can unfairly allocate project risks to one party.  Even successful projects have claims.  How you resolve such claims and disputes is what’s important.  In the event of a construction claim or dispute occurring, there are a number of processes that can be used to resolve the issues in dispute.

Core Construction Consultants reviews the facts from an independent position, and suggests the best course of action.  We assess the problems at the heart of a dispute to assist clients in the swift and economical resolution of disputes so that management attention can remain focused upon the project.  Core CC can provide the full range of technical, commercial and dispute resolution support required by clients, in an innovative and cost-effective manner, to ensure an efficient, timely and successful resolution.

Once a dispute has arisen, it can rapidly escalate into expensive litigation with considerable financial implications.  In our experience, a comprehensive and factually sound analysis of the construction contract and the client’s performance throughout the construction process, at the outset, results in the most timely and cost-effective outcome for all parties.  Our knowledgeable and objective construction claims consultants assist our clients through identifying, analysing, quantifying, preparing and presenting construction claims in a concise and logical manner.  We are equipped to provide ongoing support in assessing or validating a client’s entitlement and quantification of damages to promote a successful resolution.

Core CC can support and facilitate a range of dispute resolution processes.  The services we provide include:

  • Claims identification
  • Claims mitigation and avoidance
  • Claim preparation and presentation
  • Management of contractual claims
  • Risk evaluation and quantification
  • Variation order impacts
  • Schedule delay analysis
  • Time impact analysis
  • Disruption assessments
  • Productivity impact evaluations
  • Delay, disruption and acceleration claims
  • Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution support