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Commercial & Contract Management


It is crucial to any project’s success for costs to be proactively managed and controlled from initial concept right through to completion to ensure a “no shock” financial conclusion is delivered.  In today’s ever-changing commercial environment, the complexity of construction projects means that expert commercial management practices take on an even greater prominence.  Projects often require significant involvement from suppliers and subcontractors, and at Core CC we can implement the contractual and commercial administration procedures to enhance visibility, control, and performance.

Core Construction Consultants provides commercial & contract solutions to our clients assisting them to optimise their business outcomes and minimise their risks.  Our team successfully supports clients throughout the project lifecycle, from planning through to post-construction, with the development of contracting strategies, the execution and administration of contracts and contract closeout.  We understand the vital importance of maintaining proper records and monitoring and managing contract compliance.  We also recognise that sound commercial and contract management practices significantly reduce the risk of formal disputes arising.  Where a dispute cannot be avoided, Core CC ensures that the contractual information required to successfully manage the dispute is readily available.

Our competent and experienced professionals proficiently initiate, plan, control and deliver multi-billion dollar project undertakings.  Furthermore, we implement cost control and risk management procedures to maximise budgets and reduce running and maintenance costs post-completion.  Our consultants communicate effectively with the project team to ensure that the flow of information between all departments is seamless and they provide insight into projects giving clients abundant opportunities to add value and contribute to the success of projects.

We ensure that proper consideration is given to the procurement options, and have extensive experience in the preparation of contracts whether they are standard forms or bespoke, as well as the arrangements associated with varying delivery strategies.

The commercial and contract management services provided by Core CC include:

  • Preliminary budget advice
  • Preparation of contract documentation
  • Tender analysis/negotiations/selection
  • Cost management/reporting
  • Cost control during construction
  • Cash flow projections
  • Procurement strategy
  • Bid support
  • Estimate and budgets
  • Project documentation
  • Commercial strategy and procedures
  • Contractual advice
  • Contract administration
  • Correspondence and notices
  • Cost control and cost/value reporting
  • Variations/change control
  • Final account
  • Project audit
  • Commercial management of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Dispute avoidance